About Me

My Journey

Before retraining to be a therapist I had a successful career working as a consultant in corporate comms in London for luxury brands. For the past 20 years I have also been a freelance writer covering technology, travel, fashion and well-being.

My life took an unexpected turn when my daughter refused school due to mental health issues at 8 years old and home ed her for a while. This time was a really challenging period in both our lives when I look back, actually one of the hardest for me because I couldn’t control the situation.

I got my daughter back to school 12 months later and took from this valuable experience and a better understanding of myself and my resilience, if I could help her, then perhaps I could help others. She is a thriving young adult these days and I work as an integrative therapist supporting adults and children, working with school trusts and in private clinical practice. I take a professional interest in Trauma and Neurodiversity and I am always extending my skills with continued learning. I also teach my own unique coaching modality Hu::Be which is a bespoke transformational program, based on human connection.

Thinking spiritually, and working holistically, I advocate both scientific modalities, well-being and mindfulness. My philosophy is simple,  Transition + Heal + Thrive. I extend this across all my work and writing content.

I deliver webinars and public speaking to a wide demographic within the community, just recently I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Anxiety at Chithurst Bhuddist Monastery in Sussex near where I reside along the coast of England.

The book that had a profound influence on me when I was 17 was Milan Kundera’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’. My eldest son is called Milan. Language is beautiful isn’t it, words are powerful and empowering.

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