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I'm Lulu Aspinall

Author, therapist and founder of New Brave You, a global community platform for mind health and well-being that promotes resilience through knowledge.
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I invite you to Transition + Heal + Thrive
Lulu Aspinall
Founder of new brave you
Lulu Aspinall
Founder of new brave you

About Me

Before retraining to be a therapist I had a successful career working as a consultant in corporate comms in London for luxury brands. For the past 20 years I have also been a freelance writer covering technology, travel, fashion and well-being.

My life took an unexpected turn when my daughter refused school due to mental health issues at 8 years old and I home ed her for a while. This time was a really challenging period in both our lives when I look back, actually one of the hardest for me because I couldn’t control the situation.

I got my daughter back to school 12 months later and took from this valuable experience and a better understanding of myself and my resilience, if I could help her, then perhaps I could help others. She is a thriving young adult these days and I work as an integrative therapist supporting adults and children, working with school trusts and in private clinical practice. I take a professional interest in Trauma and Neurodiversity and I am always extending my skills with continued learning. I also teach my own unique coaching modality Hu::Be which is a bespoke transformational program, based on human connection.

Thinking spiritually, and working holistically, I advocate both scientific modalities, well-being and mindfulness. My philosophy is simple,  Transition + Heal + Thrive. I extend this across all my work and writing content.

I deliver webinars and public speaking to a wide demographic within the community, just recently I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Anxiety at Chithurst Bhuddhist Monastery in Sussex near where I reside along the coast of England.

The book that had a profound influence on me when I was 17 was Milan Kundera’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness Of Being’. My eldest son is called Milan. Language is beautiful isn’t it, words are powerful and empowering.

Nothing is more fulfilling if you have something to share that can benefit others. My books are based on scientific method, as well as exploring compassionate mindset and spiritual wisdom for our own and others mental health and well-being.

Curb Your Anxiety
the book that will give you practical tools & exercices to curb your anxiety based on proven techniques that work from therapist Lulu aspinall


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A Phenomenal Read That Will Transform The Way You Think About Your Anxiety

To Be Human Is To Have Anxiety.

So To Is To Want To Be At Peace With Our Thoughts

At last, a book that will give you practical tools and exercises to curb your anxiety based on proven techniques that work from therapist Lulu Aspinall. Manage your anxiety better day to day, stop yourself going down the rabbit hole and learn to retrain your brain’s stress response, Be at peace and live in harmony with your anxious thoughts. 

‘Curb Your Anxiety’ takes on a mindful approach to worry, it will enlighten you. Transform your perspective to being more accepting, shift your mindset to kindness with your thoughts, these are after all impermanent. We all experience anxiety, it’s how we regard it and manage it that is the key. 

This title will help you live a more abundant and fulfilling life, and be at peace with your inner thoughts.


I deliver authentic and empowering, keynotes that give audiences the inspiration and tools to make positive change in their lives and others. My approach to anxiety, is a refreshing mindset that explores us coming from a place of acceptance, wisdom and transparency. My audiences range from business leaders and executives, charities within the community, teachers and students and the medical profession. My recent talk on Anxiety was at the Chithurst Buddhist Monastery where I sat side by side with the head monk who also offered his wisdom about this core emotion.

Corporate Talk
Working & Leading Without Anxiety
Education Providers
Teach Wise - Curb Your Students Anxiety

Online Course

Curb Your Anxiety

My online course is a personally curated and recorded program based on content from my book Curb Your Anxiety, it includes learning about this core emotion as well as mindfulness meditations exercises and tools that help you manage your anxiety better.

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Hu::Be Advanced level 4 Coaching Cert

The Hu::Be method is Lulu Aspinall’s bespoke coaching modality As a therapist and coach, theHu::Be method takes a humanistic approach and emphasises deliberately proactive and direct problem-solving. It focuses on working with clients to”Connect”. That is, to feel better connected to oneself and to others. The Hu::Be method regards the desired outcome as a result of the coaching process, and not as the end goal. This framework doesn’t endorse “Goals”anywhere within its program. Only intentions are put forward to work towards that are realistic and based on the client evolving, adapting thoughts and exploring feelings and ideas as they progress through the coaching process. This certified program has 3 intensive learning modules and includes self study, remote mentor sessions, tutor feedback on assignments, case studies. This Cert program, gives you the skills and confidence to being an exceptional coach.

Conscious Leadership Hu::Be

The Hu::Be (human Be) coaching program draws on the conscious leadership insights of author, therapist and coach Lulu Aspinall who before she retrained had extensive experience in corporate comms working for global brands including Bose, Harrods and EE. 

She frequently writes about transparency in business leadership and her consciousness leadership Hu::Be program sets at its very core the basis of ‘connectiveness’, unlocking potential and greatness in individuals, teams and entire organisations. The modern organisation, an evolving organism, should look very different from what it did even 10 years ago, based on guiding principals and values that prioritises it’s employees, and customers equally, and is very clear about really lis first, and seeks to retain customer loyalty. This is what creates meaning and purpose, loyalty and productivity. 

Conscious Leadership Hu::Be nurtures and grows business leaders by first coming to a place of taking the time to review values and purpose, implementing increased self-awareness and leading an organisation with greatness. Our program consists of clear practical steps. 

The Hu::Be program is 12 one to one sessions that must be completed within 6 months. 

  • L : Listen & Be A Super Communicator
  • E : Emotionally Acknowledge 

  • A : Awareness
  • D : Doing 

  • E : Empower 

  • R : Responsibility
  • S : Slow identifying core connect profile and values, provides leaders with the for sight and clarity lead with creativity, intelligence, command respect, loyalty and success. 

Benefits Improve analytical skills required for approaching business challenges holistically and making better executive decisions. Develop greater awareness of leadership style others perception. Enhance understanding of the interface between execution issues and the organisation’s internal and external strategic challenges. Understand relevant psychological principles needed to create high-performance teams and increase employee motivation. Upscale interpersonal skills to increase impact both in and outside of the organisation.

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Highly recommend reading this book if you have or are curious about Anxiety. I personally found ‘Curb your Anxiety’ to be an engaging and easy read full of helpful information. I was particularly impressed with the tool kit and presentation of the book giving clear informative information in a way that even those with disorders such as ADHD can manage. You can easily dip in and out of it as you go about your day and should you have anxiety refer to it quickly. With the growing concerns of anxiety, ‘Curb your Anxiety’ couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


Master Healer/Intuitive Coach


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